Markurz Docs

My Apps

In My Apps, you can connect new apps and manage connected apps.

Connect Apps

  • You can review the list of apps available for connection in the 'Available Apps' section.
  • Please click the "Connect" button to link your account.
  • Once the app connection has been successfully completed, it will appear in the list of Connected Apps with the account name displayed.

Disconnect Apps

  • To disconnect an app, click the 'Disconnect' button within the app card and click on it.
  • After reviewing the confirmation message, please click on the Disconnect button.
  • Once the app connection has been successfully disconnected, the disconnected app card will removed from Connected Apps list.

Access Expired Reconnect

  • If an account has expired from the 3rd party, the buttons will display 'ACCESS EXPIRED RECONNECT'.
  • Please click the button "Access Expired Reconnect" button to reconnect.