General FAQ


Can I connect multiple accounts within a single app?

Yes, if you have multiple accounts in the app, you can connect additional accounts.

Can I mark videos and images as well?

Currently, only text on websites can be marked.

What are the supported browser types for installing the Markurz Extension?

You can check the supported browsers and installation links for the Markurz Extension in the 'Add Browser Extension' section.

How do I install the Markurz Extension?

You can find the installation links for the extension specific to each browser in the 'Add Browser Extension' section. The extension needs to be installed separately for each browser. For example, if you use both Chrome and Edge browsers, you need to install the extension for each of them.

How do I disable the Markurz Extension?

In the extension management area of each browser, you can disable the extension. For detailed instructions, please refer to the guidance specific to your browser in the 'Setting up Browser Extension' section.

Where can I view the marked content?

You can view the mark history in the "My Marks" section of


I don't remember my login password. How can I find it?

You can reset your password through 'Reset password' on the login page. You can find detailed instructions on the process at 'Forgot password'.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account on the "Account page". Deleting your account will permanently remove any sessions and data associated with it. You cannot undo this action. If you have important data, we recommend downloading it before deleting your account. You can find detailed instructions on the process at 'Delete account'.

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